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Swimming Pool

The pleasure of swimming in clean, clear water without the use of chemical products

Spaghnum Moss. We are the official dealers inBalearic islands and Spain of this revolutionary natural product which allows your swimming pools water to be purified without the use of chemical products which in turn reduces the wear and tear of accessories such as the pump, filters, pipes, pool structure etc. which is caused by chlorine. Water which is cleaned by Spaghnum Moss does not cause irritation to the skin, eyes, mucous membranes etc.



Ultra Violet Water Sterilizer. We are the Balearic Islands official dealer of these sterilizing units of the Brand PROCOM. This is another way to reduce chlorine use in your pool. Thanks to the special low pressure ultraviolet bulbs this unit is able to kill all types of bacteria which can be present in the water of your swimming pool, (the same technology used by surgeons to sterilize their surgical instruments).