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The pleasure of having drinking water coming straight from your tap at home

Osmosis. We install a unit fitted with various special filters under your kitchen sink which eliminates all harmful substances present in the water making the water drinkable and safe for regular consumption. Meaning you no longer need to buy bottles of water from the supermarket.

Water Softeners. We are dealers of the Brand ERIE. Thanks to this unit you can remove the lime scale which is present in the water increasing the working life of your household appliances and plumbing system as well as achieving the wonderful sensation caused by the soft water on your hair and skin every time you shower or bath. We also have a special mixing version of this unit which eliminates the nitrates found in the water, (especially suitable for well water).

Ultra Violet Sterilizing System. We are the Balearic Islands official dealers of PROCOM sterilizing units. This unit, thanks to its special low pressure ultraviolet bulb, is able to kill all types of bacteria which can be present in the water, (the same technology used by surgeons to sterilize their surgical instruments). Essential for well water.